Eesti Restoranide Liit (ERL) is an industry wide organization of restaurants in Estonia that represents the interests of companies active in the restaurant field. We stand for a professional and sustainable future proof restaurant industry. We support our members through lobby for industry interest; by offering a platform to share knowledge & advice and by providing member benefits.

The organization is still very young and currently builds up its membership base and benefit program. ERL is the patron of the annual Tallinn Restaurant Week. An ERL member will automatically become Restaurant Section Member of EHRL, the Estonian Hotel & Restaurant Association, with which we closely cooperate.

The initiative

ERL has been founded on the initiative of Martin Breuer, Joel Ostrat and Kalev Tanner. Committed long-time entrepreneurs in the restaurant field that decided it was time to create an industry wide platform for the benefit of all restaurants in Estonia. The founders make up the current board of ERL.

Industry wide and for all restaurants

ERL is truly industry wide and does not limit itself to certain types of restaurants. All are welcome to join. Membership is available in the following four sections; Classic Restaurant, Café and Eatery (including bars and self-service restaurants), Fast Food Restaurant and Entertainment Venue. ERL may develop different activities and services per section. Some of these activities and services may require an additional fee from members participating.

Annual membership fee

Single Membership for single-location restaurants
< 30 seats - Annual fee 25 €
≥ 30 seats - Annual fee 50 €

Group Membership for companies that operate multiple restaurants
Multi-location restaurant under 1 brand - Annual fee 50 €
Second and further location of the same brand - Annual fee 25 €
Multi-brand groups under 1 ownership - Annual fee 50 €
Second and further brands per outlet - Annual fee 25 €

MTÜ Eesti Restoranide Liit - Business registry # 80302749 - info@restoranideliit.ee